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News: March, 2021


We have published this month three new limited edition golf books, each with period illustrations, printed on acid-free paper, casebound and slip-cased.

The first publication is Some Golf in 1897, a companion to our recent Some Golf in 1888.

The second publication is The Haunted Major, Robert Marshall’s 1902 fantasy and satire set at the Old Course at St Andrews with the original illustrations by Harry Furniss. Our limited edition is special as good friend Dr David Hamilton, the esteemed Glaswegian surgeon and noted golf book publisher resident in St Andrews, has provided a fascinating and fulsome Introduction and savvy annotations to the text.

The third publication is a series of golfing selections from St Andrews Ancient and Modern, written in 1870 by W. de Aula, the pseudonym for Scotsman Hall Maxwell. We are aware of only two copies of the original publication, and we include several of that book’s unique illustrations.


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