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News: Early Winter 2023

Dear Clients and Friends,

The late Renton Laidlaw (1939-2021) penned with the wonderful assistance of his sister Jennifer at his side a delightful series of essays published posthumously as Memories Too Good to Forget, brought forth a few weeks prior the 150th Open Championship, held last July on the Old Course at St Andrews. The Preface is by Ms. Laidlaw, the Foreword by Jack Nicklaus, the Introduction by Mr. Laidlaw, and the Afterword by Sir Michael Bonallack.

The print run was 3000 copies, substantially all gifted by Ms. Laidlaw to Members of The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, the Association of Golf Writers, and the former IMG European Tour Productions

We are very pleased to advise that Ms Laidlaw has generously given Grant Books Ltd the exclusive right to offer limited remaining inventory of this especial volume to our clients and friends.

Purchase is easy through the ‘Bookstore’ at our website at Importantly, ALL proceeds we will contribute as a charitable gift to Golf Foundation (, a prominent UK charity founded in 1952 whose founders included Sir Henry Cotton and Gerald Micklem. The Golf Foundation is dedicated to "helping young people enjoy the playing and personal benefits of golf."

Memories Too Good to Forget is an exhilarating read.


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