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More News: Early Summer 2023

Grant Books Ltd announces the publication of Golf at the Beginning, an important anthology by David Hamilton, renowned historian of medicine and golf and noted golf author and publisher.

Dear Clients and Friends,

We are pleased to announce that David Hamilton’s anthology of his heralded Partick Press limited edition Early Golf series 1985-1988—focusing upon golf at Glasgow, Aberdeen, St Andrews, and Edinburgh and Leith—is now available in a limited edition of 250 boxed volumes, each containing re-set copies of the four prior books in a single volume.

Our friend David‘s accolades include the Murdoch Medal in 1995 and 2005 and the President’s Medal in 2013, each awarded by the British Golf Collectors Society. Accolades in the fields of medicine and surgery are also numerous.

Here are some excerpts:

The publication, at 120 pages, is printed on acid-free paper with numerous illustrations. Each volume is PUR-sewn to a soft backing and the book is boxed in a hard slipcase. Typesetting is by Hughes & Company at Pershore, England with printing and binding by Henry Ling Limited at Dorchester, England.

Original copies of the four volumes, each published more than thirty five years ago, are collectors’ items that command high premium prices. We believe this anthology will soon achieve the same status.

Pricing is £53 plus handling, postage, and shipping.

Shipping weight is 1065 grams.


D M Wilson, III


Grant Books Ltd


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