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An Alert: Early Summer 2023

The Gentry Links Trilogy by our Edinburgh friend Alastair Loudon is an exceptionally-researched and well-written series.​

The Gentry Links: 'The Golfers' (2019), with reference to The Golfers: The Grand Match over the Links of St Andrews, by Charles Lees, 1847

North Berwick, 1832 and its Gentry Links (2021) with reference to The First Meeting of North Berwick Golf Club, 1832 by Sir Francis Grant PRA

Gentry Links: To the Modern Game, the Bigger Picture, Medal Day, 1894 (2023),

with reference to Captain Driving Off by Alexander Wardlow, 1894

The bookshelves of golf historians house many volumes about golf course architecture, champions of the game, instruction, golf clubs, equipment, general history, agronomy, poetry, the rules, ephemera, and et cetera.  Yet, there are sparse books of the game devoted to play by the gentry in the game’s earlier days.

The focus of The Gentry Links Trilogy is upon the gentlemen golfers in Scotland who were important patrons of the game of golf throughout the 19th century, set within the context of the social history of that period and using as a central focus an iconic painting in each book’s era.

The three volumes in Alastair Loudon’s fascinating trilogy are housed in an attractive and durable collector’s box. Each volume is printed on acid-free paper and the central iconic paintings are presented in an excellent fold-out manner.

The boxed series is priced at £150, plus handling, postage, and shipping.

Weight is 3.1 kilograms.


D M Wilson, III


Grant Books Ltd


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