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We are thrilled to announce the publication of The Golfer’s Poet, George Fullerton Carnegie’s Golfiana, 1833-1863.


Experts concur that the Carnegie volumes are as foundational to the Library of Golf as is The Goff by Thomas Mathison (1743).


A concise description of this important publication can be read in the rear flap of the book’s dust jacket as can the remarkable credentials of the book’s contributors in the front flap: David Hamilton, Rand Jerris, and Peter Lewis, each an acclaimed and award-winning golf author and historian.


Typeset by Hughes & Company at Pershore, England and printed and bound by Henry Ling Limited at Dorchester, Dorset on acid-free paper and sewn to casebound with a hard slipcase, this publication, at 184 pages, is limited to 275 copies. A rare 1842 third edition was sold at auction more than ten years ago for more than £20,000.


Shipping weight: 695 grams.

The Golfer’s Poet, George Fullerton Carnegie’s Golfiana, 1833-1863

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