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In 1854, six years after the ‘gutta percha’ replaced the ‘featherie’, the The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews celebrated the centenary of its founding in 1754. Also in that year 1854 ‘A Member’ penned a few pages of golf poetry in pamphlet form published at Bangor in Wales entitled St Andrews to the Play. A mere two original copies exist.


We are delighted to bring forth again this first publication devoted exclusively to golf at the Old Course at St Andrews. Our initial effort was in 2005 when we included the poem in the 250 limited edition copies of Aspects of Some Nineteenth Century Golfing Pamphlets. That publication featured comprehensive commentary on St Andrews to the Play by Russell C. Palmer (1925-2007).


We thought it a good idea to publish St Andrews to the Play as a stand-alone volume, given its unique status in the Library of Golf, and to add to the commentary of the late Mr. Palmer the important perspective of our friend and colleague, David Hamilton, a Scotsman renowned as a renal surgeon and as an award-winning golf historian and golf book publisher.


St Andrews to the Play is a delightful little composition composed 170 years ago about golf at the Old Course. We believe you will enjoy it.


Our press run is limited to 250 copies, each printed on acid-free paper, bound at 48 pages, and housed in a durable slipcase.


Price is £33, plus insured and tracked shipping, handling, and postage.


Shipping weight is 680 grams.

St Andrews to the Play

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