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Grant Books, Worcestershire,2013.Pp(12)308. Procuced by full colour process. Illustrated throughout with photographs, maps and plans. Bound in arbelave buckram with colour d/J. Published in and edition 2,000 copies on acid free silk-coated paper.


Braid's first recorded golf course design is recorded as 1897. Soon his talent as a golf architect became known.He was in ever increasing demand through out the country and abroad until his death in 1950. His over 400 golf courses are a great legacy to the world of golf. He had a deft eye for landscape which enabled to make the best use of contours trees and other natural hazards. The authors have spent some fifteen years tracing the courses. They visited the courses whenever possible, garnered much information from their archives and very often playing them. The book covers Braid's philosophy, first steps and early design, the courses compiled by date and his ventures overseas. The Appendices include an alphabetical list of courses.The book is the most comprehensive study of James Braid and his work

James Braid and His Four Hundred Golf Courses

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