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We are delighted to bring forth A Pentalogy of Golf Architecture Classics from the Archives at Grant Books Ltd in celebration of our Fiftieth Anniversary, 1971-2021.


This boxed set comprises five volumes, four of which are facsimile re-sets of golf architecture classics by Aleck Bauer (1913), Messrs H.S. Colt and C.H. Alison (1920), Dr Alister Mackenzie (1920), and Messrs H.N. Wethered and T. Simpson (1929). Volume five is an original copy of the important annotated bibliography of the literature of golf course design by Messrs Geoffrey S. Cornish and Michael J. Hurdzan (2006).

We extend again our gratitude to those friends who contributed excellent assistance and expert commentary to the initial Grant Books Ltd re-publications:


Volume I Hazards (Grant:1993)
Peter Thomson CBE, Fred Hawtree, Peter Dobereiner, Philip A. Truett


Volume II Some Essays on Golf-Course Architecture (Grant:1993) Geoffrey S. Cornish, Fred Hawtree


Volume III Dr. Mackenzie’s Golf Architecture (Grant:1982) Robert Trent Jones, Peter Thomson CBE, Michael Wolveridge


Volume IV The Architectural Side of Golf (Grant:1995) Arthur Hills


Volume V Golf Course Design (Grant:2006)
Bob Labbance, Gil Hanse, Paul Fullmer, Chad Ritterbusch


We express fond admiration and respect for Bob and Shirley Grant for the nurture and standards they brought to their eponymous endeavors over many years to benefit the Library of Golf. We are grateful for the expertise and patience of Alan and Andy Hughes at Hughes & Company to help produce A Pentalogy of Golf Architecture Classics.


Limited edition 300 copies, illustrated, acid-free paper, PUR-bound, hard slipcase. 


Shipping weight: 3.175kg.

A Pentalogy of Golf Architecture Classics

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