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News: Mid-Winter 2024: Alastair Loudon's The Gentry Links Trilogy

Dear Clients and Friends,

We thought you would enjoy reading a recent essay by author Alastair Loudon about The Gentry Links Trilogy, published by Grant Books Ltd and that appeared in the Winter 2023 issue of The Golf, a publication of the Golf Heritage Society in the USA.

We also send along a book review, by our colleague and friend Rand Jerris, which appeared in the same issue of The Golf and in the December 2023 issue of Through the Green, the quarterly publication of the British Golf Collectors’ Society.

We are grateful for the permission to reference these materials.

Only 200 well-crafted boxed sets of The Gentry Links Trilogy (fully described online at have been published. Sets are available for purchase at

Best regards,

D M Wilson, III


Grant Books Ltd


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