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More News: October 2021


We have published this month two new limited edition golf books, each with period illustrations and printed on acid-free paper, casebound and slipcased.

A Golfing Idyll, by the pseudonymous Violet Flint, is the first publication. It commemorates the 50th Anniversary of Grant Books, founded by Bob and Shirley Grant in 1971 as a source for quality used golf books, by re-printing in new typeset A Golfing Idyll, the first publishing event by the Grants, produced in 1978. This new volume in 250 copies features a splendid Introduction and careful Annotations by David Hamilton, a renowned Glaswegian surgeon, now resident in St Andrews, himself a highly-respected research authority on golf’s history and a noted golf book publisher through many years. It is an excellent addition to one’s golf library and complements well prior editions.

The second publication in 175 copies is Letters on Golf, by the pseudonymous ‘A Parish Minister’, produced in 1889. We are aware of less than a handful of original copies of this set of golf essays, sited on the linksland at Lossiemouth on the Moray Firth in Scotland and authored with homage to Horace G. Hutchinson’s Hints on the Game of Golf, first published in 1886. This remarkably rare original publication can now be in its Grant Books Ltd form an important volume in one’s golf library.


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